I worked with my daughter Elisa, so we where at home, in our home in S.Nazzaro, Switzerland.

I tried a perfect and balanced composition, then I worked with Elisa shooting many photographs,

Pictures were very nice but boring, then I had an Idea: I say Elisa she could touch the pictures over the couch and voila, the photograph I wanted.

Babies are unpredictable. Use continuous shooting mode and don’t be afraid to keep the camera shooting rather than waiting for that perfect pose or moment because somewhere in 20 consecutive shots will be one winner.

The location is real, I removed only a small table and I adjusted the position of the furniture.

I had a window behind me, one at the right and I didn’t want a direct sunlight. During the morning I had a softer light, like an open shade.

I shoot only RAW to have more possibilities in post production. For this picture i worked on the black point and contrast. Then I worked with Silver Efex Pro for the b&w conversion. I find this software a good editing suite for my style.

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